Emergency Care Practitioner


Emergency Care Practitioner (ECP) is a relatively new concept within the UK.  ECPs generally come from three main areas being Paramedics, Nurses and Physiotherapists.  On top of their initial qualification they return to a recognised medical school (e.g. St George’s Medical School, London) whereby they undergo a two to three year training course consisting of various modules ranging from nature of physical assessment, clinical decision making, minor injuries, minor illness, mental health, geriatrics, paediatrics, pharmacology, etc.  After this training the medic will receive a diploma or a degree in autonomous care.

ECPs appear to have a similar diagnostic and treatment base as a junior Doctor. They can treat most respiratory, ears nose and throat, urinary and skin infections plus assess, clean, treat and re-treat the majority of minor to server wounds including gluing and suturing without Doctor / hospital referral.  They can also complete a full health check on patients.

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