Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) are divided into two types. IHCD and non IHCD. Some companies / trusts call them Ambulance Technicians.

IHCD (not to be confused with the voluntary groups ‘technician’) are the only form of qualified Technicians used by the NHS 999 Ambulance service.

Their training consists of between 3 – 5 months full time training in basic anatomy and physiology patient assessment and treatment skills.  This is then followed by one month observations and then one trainee year (probationary period) in which they complete a skills portfolio ending in a final exam.

The other type of EMTs are non IHCD and training varies considerably. Some are accredited / affiliated by some very professional groups (Royal Collage of Surgeons). The duration of the course varies from 3 days, 5 days , 1 month etc. Neither Festimed or the NHS 999 ambulance service recognise this qualification as their EMTs.

EMTs have a broad knowledge of injuries and illnesses and can treat them to a basic level.  With any serious patient Paramedic back up is always advised as EMTs are limited in pain relief, airway management and drug therapy skills that they are able to use.

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