Paramedic (HPC / PHECC)

Paramedics  should always be state registered through the Health Professional Council (HPC) or the Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) and are the next level of medic within the frontline Ambulance Service beyond an Emergency Medical Technician.  There are two ways of training to become a Paramedic.  The first being through the university route which results in a degree after three years training in Paramedical science which incorporates the EMT course.  Secondly and more traditionally, is through being an EMT for two years with the Ambulance service prior to returning to the Ambulance training school to complete a 6 – 8 week full time course with exams, this is followed by one month’s hospital and theatre placements and then two months supervised probationary period.

Paramedics have an intermediate knowledge of anatomy and physiology enabling them to diagnose and treat more illnesses and injuries than an EMT.  Some of these skills include advanced airway care / management (intubation and emergency airways), better pain care (morphine), life threatening allergic reaction treatment (anaphylaxis), heart attack treatment and spinal clearance (confirming back not broken).

The only Paramedics that we employ are state registered through the HPC and although Paramedics do not have to be registered we always advise all clients only to use registered Paramedics for medical legality reasons.  This can be easily checked through the HPC website (

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