Staff Area

General Information

Welcome to the staff area of the Festimed website.

You will see that there are a few pages of information, although some may be locked down until nearer the big festival season that starts in May / June time.  You will always gets emailed the relevant passwords for the applicable pages to any work that you are undertaking.

You should always receive an email confirming work with us and / or be documented on the confirmation of schedule of work for the larger events / festivals.  This means that you have confirmed that you are free and available to work.  If for any reason your circumstances change then you must email as a priority and also call to leave a message / speak to Laura.  WhatsApp and FaceBook are also utilised to let you know of any upcoming work, staff required, etc. so please ensure that you have requested to join these pages as applicable (please note that your request may not be accepted until you have been successful in the recruitment process or for the UK until nearer to the event season in Spring time).

The number to call from the UK is 0330 088 0920, and from Ireland is 01 969 7122 and should be answered between 9am – 9pm daily.

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