Hospital & Med Centres

Mobile Hospital  

HospitalFestiMed has invested heavily into our mobile event hospital. The hospital has changed considerable through the years with continuous improvements and upgrades resulting in a very impressive structure.

The hospital follows the traditional “emergency department” structure with Resus, majors and minors bays which is complimented by a recovery ward, computerised reception desk and our X-Ray unit.



The majority of patients are treated on site and don’t require offsite hospital transfers. As an average, the percentage of patients we send off site is 0.5-2%. This assists the forthcoming years’ licensing and reduces the impact to the local statutory services (some charge promoters for event attendees referral).

The hospital is consultant led with specific focus on Emergency Care Practitioners, Nurse Practitioners and our Nurses in Charge.




Medication & Drug store  foh 

We now deploy a medication and drug store along with our hospital and have found this reduces the number of patients going through the hospital system. The medication and drug store is fully stocked with the majority of medications you can buy from your corner store and also priced that way. Due to this service charging the public for the products, we can offer this service free of charge at most events.

pharmacy 2




Medication refrigeration / Sexual Health service

StaffWhen we deploy our drug store we can offer a free medication refrigeration service to the public. This really has an impact on some festival goers as they get very concerned when they are camping in the middle of a field for a weekend with no electricity.

We also offer basic sexual health advice at all our events. This ranges from providing barrier devices (condoms etc.) to “the morning after pill”. This as you can imagine can be very concerning to some of the event goers (young, old and everything in the middle). We can also advise the public on basic sexual health matters.




Medical Centres

internal hospitalAt some of the smaller events or at events where additional units are required to complement the mobile hospital we deploy our medical centres. These are generally nurse led but can be Doctor / ECP led at some events. They normally comprise of two majors bays and three minors bays with a small reception and waiting area however these are adapted dependant on the event.

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