Event Medical Questions


Please see a list of questions below that may be important to you when your arrive at the event.


If we have left anything out and you feel we should add it, then drop us a line!






I have a medical condition, do I need to tell anyone when Isos arrive at the festival?

In the majority of cases we would say no, you do not need to make us aware providing you either wear a piece of SOS jewellery or carry a card in your wallet with the details of your complaint, how to treat it and who to contact in case of emergency. If your condition will stop you communicating this information if you have an attack then we would request you come and say hello to us and have a quick chat about your condition.




diabeticI’m a diabetic patient, can I store my insulin with you?

Yes. We have a medical fridge onsite where we can securely store your insulin. You may have to pay a small charge to cover costs, as well as a deposit for a key.




I suffer from anaphylaxis/epilepsy. Can I store my medication with you?

We strongly recommend that you keep these medications on you at all times. However, if you have a backup stock of emergency medications that you want us to store safely for you, then we can do this. You may have to pay a small charge to cover costs, as well as a deposit for a key.



Why is it important to keep fluid levels (not alcohol) up?Water-Drinking

If you don’t its simple, you will feel like pants and get a severe hang over. We recommend for every alcoholic drink, drink ½ pint of water. It is important to drink the water over the course of the day to be most effective.




Disclosure of drugs or alcohol to the medics?

If you have taken drugs or excess alcohol and end up being treated by a medic for a related or not related reason please just tell us. We are bound to privacy and will not share this information with our friends. This information is very important to your treatment plan and may result in longer treatment times in the hospital if not disclosed.



Is there anywhere on site I can get medication, contraceptives, sanitary products etc?

medssanatery pad



Yes, we set up a medication & drug store inside the hospital to assist festival goers with these essential items.




When I’m on site and I or my friend needs a medic, what do I do?

If its an emergency, stay where you are and send someone else off to find the nearest member of festival staff (security, stewards, fire, police, etc). If you are the one that is sent to get help try and remember land marks (stage, shop, camp site colour, tree, etc.) to tell the staff member. You may be asked to show us where the patient is, so don’t run off once you have given your report.

If it’s not an emergency then please make your way to the nearest first aid post / medical centre / hospital. Please be aware medication can not be given out for friends / family. The patient must be present.


How do I recognise a medic?

staff and ambulanceAll FestiMed medics wear navy uniform and will sometimes wear a hi-vis vest too.  Some of the tops have MEDIC on the back also, but all will have the qualification of the medic and a FestiMed logo on it somewhere which is the same logo as on the top of this website.

On the odd occasion we may provide the medical cover alongside another provider so the medics on site may not all be wearing navy.



What is FestiMed?

FestiMed is one of the country’s leading independent emergency medical services. We specialise in providing medical services to music festivals, sports events, and other events across the country.

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What kind of services do you provide?

FestiMed event hospitals supply much more than just first aid. We can treat any condition from a grazed knee to a cardiac arrest. We employ a wide range of health professionals, including doctors, nurses, paramedics and emergency care practitioners.




How do I know the staff are safe?



All our staff have a current Enhanced Clearance with the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB). This ensures that our staff have no current or previous serious convictions. In addition, registered health care professionals (nurses, paramedics, ECP’s and doctors) all have current up-to-date registrations with their professional body.




How much does it cost?free

If you require medical treatment at one of our event hospitals, the cost of all emergency treatment is entirely free. This includes any EMERGENCY transport off site (life threatening conditions only) to other hospitals, and any emergency medication you may require. If you require non emergency medications, such as antibiotics, painkillers etc, then we may make a charge to cover this cost. You will be told of this at the time of consultation.




If I have to go to hospital, will you bring
me back?festaxi 740

Unfortunately we are unable to offer this service. We recommend you tell a friend where you are going so that you can get a lift back, or take enough cash with you so you can get a taxi back.


I’m a medic, can I come work/volunteer with you?

Providing you pass our strict recruitment process, we would love you to come join the FestiMed family. Just follow this link:-

 Check out our current vacancies here.

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