Response Units

crowd cycle 2We deploy various types of vehicles to our events and adapt our deployment to the type of events and indeed the terrain required.



All our staff are fully competent and trained in the use of the response units. They fully understand the complexities working in densely crowed areas and on the various types of surfaces.  fleet


The only time you will ever see our crews on blue lights is for genuine emergencies and never for minor injuries. Our rational is due to increased crowd risk when on blue lights / sirens and the whole cry wolf scenario!!!!

eventPit Crewsbuggy 3


Pit Crews

Our pit medics (in barrier between stage & crowd) receive additional training as this can be a high risk area with a very fast pace. Our pit teams have extensive experience of both medical and the event industry which allows for good interaction between the different agencies.






Some of the units we deploy are:

  • Emergency Ambulances
  • Multi Patient Ambulances
  • 4×4 Response Units
  • All Terrain Buggies
  • Motor Cycle Response Units
  • Cycle Response Units
  • Foot Response Units
  • Pit Response (stage)




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