Rigging Medics


As festival and event rigging can be “against the clock” our medics are well exposed to the pressures that are put on rigging teams on site. As a result of this pressure and the human factor riggers can get hurt no matter how good the health and safety on site is.


medical centre back of stage no staff



We can provide a dedicated medic to intergrate into your team and treat the riggers on site allowing them to return to work much quicker. We can offer a practitioner on site to suture, glue, fracture diagnos, give antibiotics, cater for primary health issues that would normally be dealt with by their GP, but can’t due to being away from home for months on end. This all assists build schedules which we all know can be fun!






Drug & Alcohol Testing

We can also offer drug and alcohol testing along with staff / contractor medical assessements to make sure your team is medically fit for duty.

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